Monday, October 12, 2009

Goats, and the White Men Who Stare at Them

My current Facebook status:

I just saw a trailer for some movie called, "Men Who Stare at Goats." It's a star-studded cast (Clooney, McGregor, etc). It also appears to have zero women in it, and the only men of color are either bad guys or helpless rescuees. Hollywood better hope I never learn how to use a gun and/or decide pacifism isn't worth it.

And that's pretty much all I have to say on the subject. Fuck.


niemaodpowiedzi said...

According to IMDB, there are 3 women, one of whom is named "Scottys [sic] bride." Awesome marketing strategy - naming a woman after her function in life! Maybe sometime later in the film, Bride gets promoted to Wife. Or maybe Woman with Baby-Nurturing Uterus. A bit of a cumbersome name, perhaps, but it makes sure the audience knows why she's in the plot!

And there are, like, 3 tokens of color. They're named "Insurgent," Mahmud Daash, and "Young Iraqi." Wow, what creative names! It's like the entire film is full of overplayed stereotypes that affirm the awe-inspiring power of the white, heterosexual male!

Sounds like a great movie. I can't wait to not spend money on it!

Caleb said...

Where is the mandate that every movie must represent all segments of the population (and in a sincerely realistic light)?
Granted, it is a good goal to have the sum of a culture's art reflect the totality of the population. But why is it that the choice to tell this singular story in a particular way produces such vehemence?

Jamie Bougher said...


Since someone on Facebook already complained about this, I'll just copy-paste what I told him.

"It's not about this movie in particular, David. It's about movies. All of them. This is just another entry on an EXTREMELY long list. And I don't have the fucking patience anymore to say, "Well it's just the way things are."

I am tired of waiting for movies that mean something to me. That are about me, that are about anyone else besides white straight dudes and their "epic" lives. Or, if they are about non-WSDs, that are actually well-executed and not pre-written-off with mediocre budgets and sub-par talent and direction."

This movie looks awesome. And I resent that because it is yet another awesome-looking movie that is just about white men and their lovely bonding experiences.

Yet another of almost all of them.