Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Silence is the Enemy

I read a blog called The Intersection. The bloggers there write about science and policy (and, natch, their intersection). On June 1st, blogger/writer/author Sheril Kirshenbaum unveiled a new awareness campaign to help put an end to the epidemic of rape in Liberia and around the world.

Silence Is The Enemy was born–so named because we will not be. All through June, I’ll continue posting information, details, benchmarks, and let everyone know about progress made, new initiatives, and stories from the region. I encourage others to do so as possible. The Intersection, On Becoming A Laboratory And Domestic Goddess, Aetiology, Bioephemera, Neurotopia, The Questionable Authority, DrugMonkey, and Adventure In Ethics And Science will be donating all revenue this month to Doctors Without Borders. The goal is two-fold: Raising funds and–arguably more importantly–awareness. Since blogging revenue increases with traffic, we hope to get people to keep coming back for more information about what’s going on and thinking about how to make a difference. Do not feel obligated to donate, but it’s one idea. There are many ways to contribute: Write and email Members of Congress (Congressional Directory here), speak at community meetings, encourage others to get involved, or donate to our chosen charity (Doctors Without Borders). Help us maximize our donations by visiting Isis, Jessica, Tara, Neurotopia, Mike, DrugMonkey, Janet and returning here often because every click will help raise money. Spread the word. We want to make sure elected officials at multiple levels realize this is a global issue that matters to a large voting constituency!

Silence is our enemy. Both around the world, and here at home in the U.S. We, too, must tell our survivor stories, so that we can remove the societal shame imposed on us for being victims of sexual assault and begin to address the causes.

Please visit The Intersection and its sibling blogs this month. And, if you can afford to, please make a donation to Doctors Without Borders.


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